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We  just  love  to  help!

We are blessed to have such a caring and hospitable team here at The Elephant and you are guaranteed to be warmly welcomed with a smile every time. We offer a unique experience in all aspects with our impeccable customer service, a variety of tasty dishes and a gorgeous authentic interior with a lively atmosphere.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and our feedback has been amazing as our team goes the extra mile to give them the best Sri Lankan dining experience and to enjoy the time they spend with us.

Our Front of house team works very closely with the Kitchen and the Bar and all of our staff will take the time to explain to you the menu and recommend the dishes to your taste, whether you like your food with a spicy kick or prefer a slightly milder taste. All the preferences are provided for as there is the option to adjust the level of heat to meet your needs.

Our Chefs are from Sri Lanka where the flavour profiles are kept well looked after for our customers and are taken good care of to ensure efficiency and effort to maintain the consistency and the quality of everything that leaves our kitchen. 

We are truly proud of our team at The Elephant. You are being served by Ranjalika, Jess, Zdenka, Ava, Antony and Madi almost every day and our very talented chefs in the Kitchen, Head Chef Asanka, who take pride in his dishes and put effort into making every meal one to remember.


The  Journey of True  Sri  Lankan  Flavours...

| THE ELEPHANT | we are a brand that aims to blend the concept of “Bar & Kitchen” with the great authentic food from Sri Lanka and it's hidden mouth-watering flavours. Sidcup is our first location of the expected chain of stores. 

Our elephant logo and name symbolises the connection between nature and ourselves as founders of the brand because it represents our Sri Lankan heritage and the pride we take in hospitality, things that have always been close to our hearts.

The Elephant Logo: represents the Sri Lankan Culture, History and its Pride. The basic idea came from the image of the face of a fully dressed up Elephant (Tusker) who carries the Lord Buddha’s Sacred Tooth Relic during traditional festivals held in Kandy in Sri Lanka. 


Lotus flower middle of the Elephant Head: In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus symbolise the purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also to be noted that many Asian deities are depicted seated on a lotus flower. This is to reflect the purity of the products we offer.

Enriched with an irresistible variety of authentic Sri Lankan cuisines blended with flavoured SriLankan authentic and fusion food. We are at The Elephant, guaranteed to compliment your taste buds with delectable flavour and Sri Lankan spices! for those who are ready to explore a whole new taste sensation.

The Elephant Logo